Why Journey?

posted on the 16/05/17

The recent evolution of travel habits has changed the way we visit cities. While our parents used to visit Barcelona or Milan as part of a larger trip in Spain or Italy, it has now become a common thing to spend just a weekend there and sometimes more than once a year.

This has been made possible thanks to a combination of factors: the emergence of low-cost airlines obviously, which has considerably reduced the cost of traveling (especially on a short trip), the change in lifestyle particularly among the younger generations who tend to get away more often but for a shorter time and the global effort of cities in promoting more than just their touristic sites but their culture and way of life as well.


This rise of “urban tourism” has led to new ways to experience a city. If you go to New York or Paris every year, you do not visit the Empire State Building of the Eiffel Tower each time. While you might be looking for lesser-known tourist spots, you are also coming back because you like the vibe of the city and everything that makes it so interesting: its ambiance, its restaurants and bars, its people, its dynamism…

The touristic spots are frozen in time but a city is always changing. Come back ten years from now and Big Ben will still be there, the Coliseum will still be there, but it is more than certain than Shoreditch will have changed, Trastevere will have changed. How? New buildings, new people, new shops and cafes, a new vibe… in short new reasons to come back over and over again.
The “city experience” is therefore getting more and more important as the number of returning travelers is increasing. And what better way to experiment a city than going to its restaurants, bars, shops and cafes?

That is why we founded Journey. While there are plenty of existing services listing interesting addresses in every way possible we never found one that satisfied our needs of thirty-something urbanites: a lean city guide bringing together a carefully-picked selection of the best restaurants, bars, shops and cafes.


So we decided to build our own. Making bold choices such as a limited number of addresses, spreading them over 3 days (and in 3 different neighborhoods) and issuing several guides per year per city, is our way of setting us apart and, in our humble opinion, to be closer to the needs of the modern urban traveler.

Our ambition is to be your reflex whenever you are planning a urban getaway or simply looking for a cool spot in your own city. Don’t hesitate to check the app on the Apple Store and let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Bon voyage!